Frequently Asked Questions

1. What impact will we see from the Social Hotel programme?

  • More of your ideal guests booking
  • Increased brand awareness leading to ……
  • More direct bookings  - which means keeping more of the income for your hotel and
  • Relying less on the OTAs.

2 . How much time will it save me?

Because your social media marketing will be focused, structured and you will see results, you will free up many hours of what currently feels like wasted time spent on the wrong actions.

3   What can we expect to see happen while taking part in the Social Hotel programme?

From our experience with other hotels, you can reasonably expect to see

  • Your ability to influence your room occupancy
  • An increased understanding of how to “do” social media well
  •  Social media posts targeting your ideal guests
  • Increased engagement and reach on the social media platforms
  •  Increased awareness of all that your hotel offers
  •  You may experience a change in clientele – to those you actively want to encourage to stay with you; more of your ideal guests.

4.  What other benefits will we see?

From our experience, other benefits you may see include

  • increased staff engagement
  • increased staff cohesion
  • staff engaged in both the training and posting
  •  increased staff confidence
  • the whole team becoming more focused on how to market your hotel

5. What proof is there that the programme works?

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our Testimonials page and see what other hotel owners and managers have to say about what the Social Hotel Programme has done for them.

6. Do I have to have the whole programme, or can I pick & choose the elements I want?

Without question you will receive greater benefits if you engage in the full programme. However, every Social Hotel Programme is unique because it is tailored to meet your exact needs, so contact us and let’s chat about what you need and see how you can achieve the results you are looking for.


7. What level of support is included in The Social Hotel?

As you are learning new concepts and new ways of working, we support you all the way. In the early stages we give you post by post reviews in our weekly one on one  support call. We monitor and watch all your initial posts so that you are assured that your posts are right for your chosen target markets, with the correct message that will resonate with them.  With this level of support, your confidence in what you are doing will grow in no time.

8.    What will it cost me?

That depends on how much training you require, and for how many staff. Each Programme is designed to suit you and therefore, totally bespoke. Contact us and let’s chat about the options. We will happily give you an idea of the cost, once we know more about your full requirements.

9. Will you do our social media marketing for us?

No. The Social Hotel is a “Done With You” programme.

What that means is that we work alongside you, with you, harnessing your knowledge of your hotel and your passion for your business and you gain the knowledge and skills you need to grow your business. At all times throughout the programme, you remain in total control of your marketing but have support and advice as and when you need it.