About Me


In every aspect of my business and life, my mission statement is to discover potential and guide growth, and I continue it here with The Social Hotel.

I’ve been helping and supporting people using technology for over 30 years.

The Social Hotel blends the three passions into one; talking to people and finding out what help they need; training them to make best use of the right technology for them; mentoring them to ensure they make the most of their training and get the best from their technology.

I’m in it with my clients for the long haul, supporting them as they develop and grow. I always start with where clients are now, without judgement, and work with them to fill their technology-based gaps in skills and knowledge. I love to see clients succeed and I measure my success by theirs.

I have worked with varying sizes of hotels from large chains with several cost centres, through to owner-managed, independent hotels. I understand the constraints and pressures in the hotel industry and tailor my Programme to suit each individual establishment.