Equip your team to reduce reliance on third-party Online Travel Agents

Are you paying OTAs large sums to fill rooms with unsuitable guests paying discounted rates? 

Know that the time & money you are spending on social media is worth it

Do you worry that you are spending time and money trying to escape the control of the OTAs by using social media but don't really know if it's working?

Train your team to take back control of your revenue streams

Social Hotel delivers a structured programme of digital marketing training and mentoring for the whole team giving them the competence & confidence to take back control of your marketing and revenue streams.

The social media foundations Rosie established at our hotel has allowed us now to flourish independently
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Preparation is key

We set out and agree a strategy that will work. And set up systems & processes to make it easy to implement.


We start with a strategy and goals session with the team to discover where you are now. 

We then build an action plan so that we all know what success looks like and how we are going to achieve it.

We review of the current systems and processes for posting social media, for sharing the load, for gathering data and analytics and suggest systems and applications to support this and make it easier.  

With the right systems and processes in place and understood, the team should then only need to concentrate on posting to social media.


Train for success

Once we identify the gaps in knowledge, we fill them with targeted training so you are ready to tackle the digital marketing world on your own.


Starting from where you are now, bespoke training  ensures that the whole team understands and can use social media to their best advantage.

Training sessions are delivered face to face with plenty of interaction, hands on work and opportunities to explore questions. Each session is totally bespoke for your team.

The content of each of the training sessions address the issues flagged in the strategy sessions, play to the strengths and skills of the attendees, plug any gaps in knowledge and come up with a manageable, achievable plan.


Mentoring is where the magic happens

Knowledge isn’t power, it’s the implementation of knowledge,  and that’s what the mentoring ensures – that the work you do - always supported, never abandoned - helps you hit your targets.


The follow-up mentoring package gives you regular, ongoing support with what to post/tweet, where we discuss what your analytics are telling you, chat over strategy and keep you on message and your marketing on track.  This  also acts as a skills refresher if it’s needed. We advise you on any changes in the platforms or new initiatives you could try.

Learning a new skill is like exercising. You need to do it regularly and properly to get the maximum benefit. If you learn a new skill and then don’t use it, research shows that your ability to remember how to use that skill reduces dramatically over time. Weekly mentoring sessions ensure that the training/learning is embedded and continues to give you the maximum return. 

Rosie has helped us to focus our social media in order to make it more effective in reaching out to new and existing customers helping to develop a stronger awareness of Mere Brook House and its offer.
— Lorna Tyson Owner Mere Brook House

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